Anti-Ragging Committee

As per direction of Supreme Court of India / University /PCI, the college has formed the Anti-ragging committee and squad for overseeing the implementation of the provisions of the Supreme Court verdict with immediate effect.
Punishments: Depending upon the nature and gravity of the offence as established by the Anti-ragging committee OF THE University, the possible punishments for those found guilty of ragging shall be any one or combination of the following

  • Cancellation of admission
  • Suspension from attending the classes and high fine will be implemented
  • Withholding / withdraw scholarship and other benefits
  • Debarring from appearing in any examination
  • Withhold the results

Rigorous imprisonments: When the persons committing or abetting the crime or ragging are not identified, the colleges shall resort to collective punishment as a deterrent to ensure community pressure on the potential raggers.

As per the instruction of P C I / Supreme Court of India, each of the student of the Institution and his / her parents or Guardian are hereby required to submit an affidavit at the time of admission, in the prescribed format as attached to this order, which is mandatory for admission

Committee Member Name Designation Member Role
Dr K Padminii PrincipalConvener
Mr. P. KumaravelAsst. Professor, Dept. of Commerce Male Staff In-charge
Mrs. P. GnanasoundariAsst. Professor, Dept. of Commerce Female Staff In-charge
Mr. P. RaviAsst. Professor, Dept. of TamilSC\ST Students Staff In-charge
Mrs. K. GeethaAsst. Professor, Dept. of Commerce Student Advisor
Mr. RanjithKumarInspector of Police, ManimangalamOverseas Students Advisor and Local Inspector of Police as a Special Invitee
D SanthoshStudent - III B ComCollege Students Representative Assistant
J.Thiyagarajan Student - II B.Sc (CS)College Students Representative Assistant
M. KeerthanaStudent - III BCAAnti-Ragging Convener 5 Students Representative
P. SakthivelStudent - III BCAAnti-Ragging Convener 5 Students Representative
D.Dalcina Student - III B.ComAnti-Ragging Convener 5 Students Representative
D. SanthoshStudent - III B.ComAnti-Ragging Convener 5 Students Representative
J.ThiyagarajanStudent - II B.Sc (CS)Anti-Ragging Convener 5 Students Representative

Woman Committee

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Dr. K. Padminii
Principal – (Immediate Assistance for Girls Students)
(M) 9444408047

Staff Advisor:
Mrs. S. Arumugakani
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science

Mrs. S. Karthika
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Management


The TMGCAS – Union functions by a Staff Advisor and a Vice Principal, both of whom are members of the teaching staff. The overall head of the TMGCAS – Union is the President who is the Principal of the college.


Associate Professor, Department of Management

SC/ST Representative
Staff In-charge

Inspector of police, Manimangalam

Overseas Students Advisory & Local Police Inspector
Special Invitee


College Representative


College Representative


Convener – Anti-Ragging


Convener – Anti-Ragging


Convener – Anti-Ragging



Convener – Anti-Ragging