TMG College of Arts & Science


Principal’s Desk

Dear All,

It is a joy and a privilege to offer you my warm greetings as the principal of TMG College of Arts and Science. I look forward to both preserving and advancing the successes that have made TMGCAS one of the top institutions for higher education in the country.

TMG College of Arts and Science is a great institution with a proud heritage. Founded by our Chairman, Dr. T M Gunaraja, over two decades ago, the college has seen innumerable growth and development in the areas of academic excellence, quality administration and world-class amenities. Since 2000 the college has served as a beacon, its founding principles guiding the students into becoming wholesome, socially-relevant citizens with a strong sense of community.

Teaching and learning are at the heart of our efforts to make our college more unified, more innovative, more accessible, and more excellent in the future. This is an institute that truly values teaching. TMGCAS subscribes to the ideal of judicious, searching inquiry into our subjects and the topics we care about. We would be failing as academics without this standard, and our societies would be lost if educational institutions stopped being places defined by this fundamental ideal.

Our educational philosophy is centered on positive reinforcement with praise, encouragement, enthusiasm, and affection, rather than criticism, fear, and punishment. We constantly work to develop a good sense of discipline and sound moral character, where all students are expected to develop values of tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity, and fortitude, conforming with the ever-changing norms of society.

Our holistic education will not only enlarge the imagination, advance the knowledge and propel the careers of our students, but will also be absolutely critical in developing positive leadership qualities in them that are much needed in these increasingly polarized and fractious times. While academic excellence may be our major focus, the college is also dedicated to preparing our students for the realities of life, preparing them to face the challenges of tomorrow.

We encourage students to develop not only academically, but also in their special fields of interest so as to best showcase their talents and grow to their full potential. Our students, both former and present, have brought in laurels from almost all walks of life and stand testament to the vision of our founder and the college’s dedication to bring out the best in them.

I am confident that today and for many days to come TMGCAS will serve as a guiding light to students and will help shape their destinies for the better. We believe good education is the means to developing our greatest strengths which can then be translated into benefiting our society, because, as our motto says,

Knowledge is Power.

Dr K Padminii